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Rather than helping the student, law enforcement officials Shared Her Nude photographs, overlooked 911 Calls till She was Murdered

An aspiring young  collegian  in Salt Lake City was murdered in 2018 after a system that ostensibly protects her — chose to ignore her instead. Lauren McCluskey was murdered by a deranged stalker despite multiple calls to 911 to report him. Now, two years later, we  revealed  that  one in all  the officers involved in ignoring McCluskey’s pleas for help, kept explicit photos of her on his cellphone and bragged about them to his coworkers and he will face no charges. Citing  the dearth  of the statute to charge the officer, Salt Lake County  prosecuting attorney  Sim Gill said Thursday that his office has declined to prosecute Miguel Deras. While he believes the officer’s actions were “definitely reckless,” Gill said  there's  no Utah law for addressing  this sort  of police misconduct, the Salt Lake Tribune reports. “We realized there was no real statute we could use for this case,” Gill said. “We’re incensed like everyone else by the behavior.  it absolutely was  inappropriate. Bu