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Drop the Complaint or Be Arrested, CTA Supervisor Arrested for Reporting Cop for Assault

A question we ask often here at the Free Thought Project is this: when a cop commits a crime against you,  where do you report it?  The only place you can report a crime is to law enforcement, so you have no other choice but to walk inside the belly of the beast who hurt you and report their crime to his or her brothers in blue. As the following case illustrates, this is problematic for many reasons and can turn innocent victims into falsely accused criminals in an instant. Chicago Transit Authority supervisor, Martesa Lee was assaulted by a Chicago police officer while doing her job on the Red Line platform earlier this year. So, she took the only option available to her to report it and went to the officer’s supervisor to lodge a complaint. Instead of taking her complaint, however, the police told her to get lost or get arrested. Body camera video of the interaction was just released this week which captured the chilling interaction of intimidation and threats. The incid