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Cops Fire 25 Rounds Into Innocent Crowd at Football Game, Killing an 8-Year-Old Little Girl and Shooting Her Family

When Fanta Bility, 8, and her family went to a high school football game in August, they had no idea their greatest dread would come true that night. Unfortunately, according to a complaint filed this week, that is precisely what occurred as a result of a bunch of trigger-happy police officers employing excessive force. As Fanta and her family exited the game that night, police opened fire on their party, fatally shooting Fanta and injuring numerous others, including her elder sister. Two months have passed since tiny Fanta breathed her death and no one has been accused. The family is no longer wasting time and has chosen to pursue legal action. Attorney Bruce L. Castor filed a complaint against the borough of Sharon Hill and the police officers who opened fire on Tuesday, citing excessive force and insufficient training. According to Castor, the girl's family is seeking "answers and compensation for the terrible and senseless death... as well as the injuries and anguish impos