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🚨CNN Interview w/ Joe Ested, PBM Founder & CEO

                                     🚨CNN Interview w/ Joe Ested, PBM Founder & CEO Spare A Real existence + Show preemptive kindness Activity  A little gift of $5 will help actualize our Spare a-Real existence Program!  — How about we utilize our well-deserved assessment dollars to help grass-root associations — Police Ruthlessness Matters, LLC is helping our childhood be the change we need inside the networks generally influenced by social treachery.  With your help and a little commitment of $5, the Spare a Real existence and Show preemptive kindness Activity subsidies will go towards our 'Spare an Actual existence Program.' Your financing will give the Police Severity Matters group the assets important to actualize our Spare a-Real existence Program which will permit us to keep heading out to K-12 schools, universities, and colleges across the country to show our youngsters on the most proficient method to remain alive. We should Show proactive kindne