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Cops Go Back to Where They Killed Elijah McClain, Take Photos Sadistically ‘Reenacting’ His Murder

There is no compelling reason to envision this, in light of the fact that it is actually what occurred in Aurora, Colorado. As indicated by CBS 4 Denver, the Denver Division of the FBI gave an announcement Tuesday about photographs of Aurora cops taken at the Elijah McClain dedication. Sources reveal to CBS4 Agent Brian Maass the photographs show the officials reenacting the carotid restriction, which was utilized on McClain. "We are assembling additional data about that episode to decide if a government social liberties examination is justified, " authorities expressed.  Aurora break police boss Vanessa Wilson discharged an announcement this week taking note of that she got some answers concerning the occurrence last Thursday and propelled an examination. The examination was finished on Monday, as indicated by Wilson. "This examination will be freely discharged completely instantly upon its decision, " Wilson said. Regardless of asserting the examination was fi

Cops Choke Innocent Man Walking Home With Groceries, Inject Him With Sedative, Then He Dies

Last August, a 23-year-old man named Elijah McClain was killed by police after he was put in a chokehold and given the sedative ketamine. The incident began when someone in the neighborhood called the police because McClain was walking down the street with groceries while wearing a mask. Moments after police approached McClain claiming that he fit the description of the suspect. They claim that he resisted arrest and needed to be subdued, but if he actually wasn’t doing anything wrong then in the first place then they had no reason to arrest him, and thus it would be impossible for him to resist — which is the case. McClain had committed no crime when police initiated force against him. Police claim that the body camera shows McClain reaching for a gun, but the scuffle was chaotic and it is hard to tell if he was actually making a deliberate effort to grab the gun. At a press conference in November, police chief Metz told reporters that “ Elijah grabbed the grip of an offi