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Creepy Cop Uses Police System to Run Woman’s Plates to Find Her on Facebook and Stalk Her

Glenn Goss Jr. is the son of the former chief of police for the Rossford Police Department in Ohio. He is also a police officer. Having his daddy as the man in charge apparently taught him that he could get away with abusing the system to stalk women, and so far, he’s right. Goss admitted to the crime — via Facebook messenger — to his victim, and he’s yet to be arrested or fired.
Goss Jr. is the son of Glenn Goss Sr., the former Rossford Police Chief who stepped down in 2018 and who said stepping down was “directly related to my son working here.” Did he know his son was a potential stalker and didn’t want to be in charge when this blew up? Possibly.
Though his dad is no longer the chief, according to the department’s roster, he is still an officer.
Monday night, Emily Hackler posted screenshots of her exchange with Goss which is nothing short of creepy. She explained that as she was leaving the gym, Goss followed her, then used his access to the police database to find her information. He then looked her up on Facebook and sent her a message, admitting to what he had done!
So some creep decided to follow me on my way home from planet fitness. Turns out he works for the rossford police department and used my plate number to figure out who I was, to message me personally and tell me how hot I was. Can you say HARASSMENT
Another update: the officer has been suspended with his badge and gun taken away! They are going to start an underground investigation starting tomorrow morning. Thank you everyone for your positive words and encouragement!
Edit: we weren’t “racing”, I was speeding because he was following me after being stopped right next to each other at a stop light. The chief of the rossford police dept will be getting ahold of me to discuss the incident and proceed with action.
For any negative comments, they’re irrelevant so no need to comment!

In the post, Goss admits to being off-duty when he was following her before writing down her license plate number. When he got on shift, he then ran her information through the criminal database — which is a criminal act — and used what he found to locate her on Facebook.
The officer then messaged her saying that “I apologize for the randomness haha. I just wanted to give you a hard time quick about racing and say you’re a hottie.”
Naturally, this freaked Hackler out. When she confronted him about running her plate number to find her, Goss joked and said, “Wait are you not a fan of police? Haha”
As if it was his job that was creeping Hackler out and not the fact that he was abusing his police powers to stalk her.
Hackler responded by telling the stalker cop, “I am not a fan of stalking and harassment. You had no business looking my information up while not even on the job, meanwhile messaging me on your personal account which you got from my information that I did not willingly give you.”
Goss did not respond, likely realizing that his stalking attempt just blew up in his face.
Adding to the already creepy nature of this incident is the fact that other people posted their screenshots of similar interactions with this officer. Taylor Yarder, 26, said she was stopped by Officer Goss last summer for speeding. Like Hackler, she later received a Facebook message from him after they crossed paths.
She never reported the incident but did save the screenshot. Now she said she will be reporting it to back up Hackler’s account.
“It needs to stop if it happened to me and this girl, it’s happening to more. I don’t feel safe or protected by these men, I feel harassed,” she said.
As of Tuesday morning, Rossford Police Chief Todd Kitzler announced that Goss was placed on paid administrative leave. He refused to elaborate on whether or not that leave was associated with the above Facebook post, however.
Rossford Mayor Neil MacKinnon III did confirm that Goss misused the system to stalk the woman. He stopped short of predicting any discipline, and called Goss’s decision to use the Law Enforcement Automated Data System, known as LEADS, to stalk an innocent victim, as a “lapse in judgment.”
“It looks like one of our officers made a huge lapse in judgment but overall I’m very proud of the Rossford Police Department and the officers,” Mr. MacKinnon said, according to the Toledo Blade.
This is one of the many reasons many people in this country do not trust the police.

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