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Cops claim the mother's rage is to blame for keeping an innocent family and children at gunpoint.

The same department who killed Elijah McClain made the news  all over again  last year —  this point  for holding an innocent family at gunpoint and forcing  all of them  to  the bottom   due to  their own incompetence. Illustrating why  law enforcement officials  can  escape  with horrific crimes  is that the   proven fact that  none of the officers  in this  act of terror  are  charged — despite blatant acts of terrorism against an innocent family — holding children, ages 6-17 at gunpoint and forcing them to  the bottom . Instead of apologizing  or maybe  helping the family  to know  what just happened to them, newly released evidence, which Chicago  lawyer  Mike Buresh obtained under Colorado’s Criminal Justice Records Act, reveals cops blamed the mother  and therefore the  horrified onlookers  rather than  themselves. This seems to be a continuation of the ruling in January which cleared all the officers involved. Despite the District Attorney’s Office of the 18th Judicial District