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Taxpayers will be held liable if a cop kills a pregnant woman on the ground while pleading, "I'm Pregnant."

A tragedy unfolded in 2019 in Houston, Texas when a Baytown  law officer  approached  a lady , 44-year-old Pamela Turner, and killed her. Turner’s last words before she was shot five times by the officer were “I’m pregnant.” Now, nearly two years later, the family has filed a  death  lawsuit against the  town   and also the  officer in  judicature . Today, April 8, would  are  Turner’s 46th birthday. Turner’s mother, Tamika Palmer has asked everyone to share the video of her daughter’s death  so  justice  could also be  served. Turner’s death was so egregious, Baytown officer Juan Delacruz was indicted last year on charges of  assault . The officer’s attorney maintains his client acted in self-defense after fearing for his life. But  once we  see the video  and therefore the  facts of the case, this claim becomes laughable. At the time of her death, Turner was reportedly  fighting   psychopathy , however, her neighbors and family said she was peaceful and kept to herself, which is why

Cop Indicted Over Video Showing Him Shoot, Kill Woman After She Tells Him ‘I’m Pregnant’

 A tragedy unfolded the last yr in Houston, Texas when a Baytown police officer approached a girl, 44-year-vintage Pamela Turner, and killed her. Turner’s final words before she was shot five times by the officer have been “I’m pregnant.” Now, more than a yr later, the officer who dumped 5 rounds into the mentally ill lady, Baytown officer Juan Delacruz has been indicted. Delacruz was indicted Monday on costs of aggravated attack after fatally taking pictures Turner. Turner became reportedly suffering from intellectual contamination, however, her associates and family said she became non-violent and kept to herself, that's why the video of the incident had family individuals claiming that this capturing was unjustified. Greater than 12 months later, the justice machine sooner or later agreed and could strive Delacruz for his alleged crimes. “We have confidence and trust in our judicial device, and as we watch for this situation to continue via the legal method, we ask that our comm