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Stressful Video appears to reveal Cop Mace subconscious female, mendacity on the floor

Just some miles down the road from where cops in Louisiana shot and killed Trayford Pellerin as he walked off from them, another disturbing incident of police brutality has unfolded. Like Pellerin’s shooting, this too was captured on video. a lady seemed to be knocked unconscious, lying face down on the bottom, when she was allegedly pepper-sprayed by police.

The video was uploaded to Facebook over the weekend by the victim’s daughter, Kimbriana Thomas.

“My mom wasn’t responding and yet y’all stood over her and maced her,” Thomas said in a very Facebook post.

According to the girl, she attended Mamou High School’s homecoming field game that evening and visited an area bar after it ended. She says around 10:30 p.m. police showed up and told her and every one of the opposite patrons that they had to depart which the bar was closing. Currently, in Louisiana as a part of the arbitrary COVID-19 restrictions, bars and restaurants must procurable 10:30 p.m.

The woman says she didn’t have an issue with leaving and was walking out when she decided to bounce as she left. She claims one amongst the officers then threw her down, knocked her unconscious, so pepper-sprayed her.

As the video shows, a clearly incompetent cop is on top of the girl who appears to be entirely unconscious. The officer appears to be spastic as he tries to handcuff the lady who is offering absolutely zero resistance. The officer, frustrated that he couldn’t handcuff the unconscious woman, then jumps up and appears to pepper-spray her within the face.

After allegedly dousing the unconscious woman within the face with the agentthe opposite patrons within the bar react in shock.

“Why did you mace her within the face if she’s on the ground?” someone is often heard asking. Other bar patrons begin coughing and choking in response to the chemical within the air.

After she was sprayed and lie unconscious on the bottom, police then handcuffed her limp body as Thomas sat screaming over her mother. the choice to spray the unconscious woman did anything but de-escalate true and because the woman lies on the bottom, chaos erupts all around her because the patrons react in anger toward the police.

Eventually, an ambulance would be called and therefore the woman would be delivered to the hospital.

“We are currently investigating the incident,” Mamou officer Brent Zackery said, claiming that the girl — whose name has not been released because she hasn’t been charged with a criminal offense — isn't telling the whole story.

“She just about made herself fall out on the bottom but she was actually trying to bounce on the officer and that they both ended up falling. We were told that when she left with the ambulance, she visited the hospital and really started cutting up at the hospital,” Zackery added.

Thomas disputes that her mother “made herself fall.”

“How you create yourself settle and be unresponsive?” Thomas asked rhetorically.

“There’s nothing as of now to mention about the case, but it’s an ongoing investigation and I’ll have more information to reporters afterward,” says Zackery.

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