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Cop Admits to Kidnapping, Tasering, and Raping Multiple Women While on the Job

 A serial rapist policeman, who admitted to using his badge and cruiser to feed on innocent women - by raping them while on duty - was handed down a 20-year sentence in the week.

This sentence is extremely high for rapist cops and highlights the intense nature of his crimes.

As TFTP regularly reports, almost nobody feels "Protected" once they see flashing red and blue lights behind them while driving.

The women pulled over by Chattanooga policeman Desmond Ladon Logan were getting much more than an easy promise of extortion.

Several of them got raped, and one even abused with a taser.

Logan pleaded guilty to 2 counts of deprivation of civil rights for the rapes of two women as a part of a plea agreement and also admitted to 2 additional assaults.

In court in the week, Logan stood before U.S. District Judge Curtis Collier and tried claiming that he never hurt anyone, saying, "I'd wish to apologize for all the difficulty it's caused I'm not a nasty person. I made mistakes. I never hurt anyone."

His mask muffled his words as he claimed to possess never hurt anyone again.

"I've done things wrong - moral things wrong, [but] I never hurt anyone."

"I was barely scared of anything before this happened to me, and now I'm afraid to urge out on the road alone," wrote one woman, identified as D.H., who Logan assaulted during a parking zone near the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in 2016, consistent with the day's press.

Victim impact statements by her and one other woman were attached to a sentencing memorandum filed by prosecutors earlier this month.

D.H. stopped cooking for her family, she wrote.

She's scared of enforcementa gaggle she was raised to trust and respect, she said, and Logan took that trust faraway from her.

She sometimes falls into deep pits of depression, her statement says, and she or he can't always afford her medication, so she's had to travel on Medicare.

Another victim, identified as N.S., has said she lives with guilt for not reporting him when she says he raped her in 2015.

During Logan's trial, another victim came forward and said Logan raped her too - she's now a cop.

Despite Logan attempting to say he didn't hurt anyone, Chattanooga captain David Roddy let this rapist know that he's "An absolute disgrace of a person's being."

"To substitute front of a judge and say he never hurt anyone is despicable and reprehensible," he said during a statement to the day's press.

"Desmond Logan has hurt many, his family, officers, friends outside the department, but none quite the ladies he's raped."

"The actions of Desmond Logan jeopardized public safety and violated the trust of the citizens of Chattanooga he swore to guard," J. Douglas Overbey, U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee, said during a statement.

"This case exhibits our continued efforts to prosecute those that would abuse their authority to commit acts of violence and injustice against members of our community. Our office will still stand by and protect the victims of such crimes."

Collier said the U.S. is additionally a victim during this case.

"The state of Tennessee and city of Chattanooga cloaked Logan within the authority of the state to use force, detain and arrest citizens accused of crimes when he was given the badge of enforcement," Collier said.

When those charged with enforcing the law rotate and break the law, it "Breeds disrespect of law and anarchy," he said.

It certainly does breed disrespect and no amount of pandering by police chiefs and judges claiming it had been this "One bad apple" will ever reverse that disrespect as Logan's case is one among many.

One need only flick through our archives to ascertain the brutal reality that's police sexual misconduct.

Fortunately, during this instance, the rapist cop received much more time than other officers.

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