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Cop Admits to Kidnapping, Tasering, and Raping Multiple Women While on the Job

  A serial rapist  policeman , who admitted to using his badge and cruiser to  feed on  innocent women - by raping them while on duty - was handed down a 20-year sentence  in the week . This sentence is extremely high for rapist cops and highlights  the intense  nature of his crimes. As TFTP regularly reports, almost  nobody  feels "Protected"  once they  see flashing red and blue lights behind them while driving. The women pulled over by Chattanooga  policeman  Desmond Ladon Logan were getting  much more  than  an easy  promise of extortion. Several of them got raped, and one even abused with a taser. Logan pleaded guilty  to 2  counts of deprivation of civil rights for the rapes of two women as  a part of  a plea agreement and also admitted  to 2  additional assaults. In court  in the week , Logan stood before U.S. District Judge Curtis Collier and tried claiming that he never hurt anyone, saying, "I'd  wish to  apologize for all  the difficulty  it's caused  I