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No Consequences for Cops Who Shot 10yo Boy, Destroyed Home, Sic K9 on Surrendered Man

The principles appear to be fixed to ensure government wilderness, and the playing field is lopsided. Such a large number of procedures favor the legislature. The framework is fixed, the administration is degenerate, and "we the individuals" keep on squandering our quality by battling each other as opposed to remaining against the despot in our middle. Since the framework is fixed, in light of the fact that the legislature is degenerate, and on the grounds that "we the individuals" remain spellbound and separated, the police state will continue winning and "we the individuals" will continue losing.  By declining to acknowledge any of the eight or so qualified invulnerability cases before it this term endeavored to consider police responsible for authentic unfortunate behavior, the Preeminent Court conveyed a chilling update that in the American police state, 'we the individuals' are helpless before law implementation officials who have practica