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Cops Shoot Innocent Student in Head with Rubber Bullet, Open Fire on People Helping Him

Across the planet, the red cross emblem is an internationally recognized symbol of protection and neutrality; used to identify medical services as well as the people, programs, and objects connected with humanitarian activities. The military is taught not to engage people wearing this symbol and for the most part, this is universally accepted. In the land of the free, however, when cops are in a heightened state of aggression and violence because people are protesting, the red cross seemingly becomes a target, as the following video shows. Subscribe to more videos:

Psychopath’ Cop Shoots Man Lying Face Down on the Ground With Bean Bag Round

There is no shortage of videos depicting police violence against citizens — even when there isn’t a massive uprising happening across the country. However, in the last several days there have literally been hundreds of them. We’ve seen unprecedented acts of violence against innocent citizens by police — who appear to be attempting to kick off a civil war. And, if cops keep acting like the one in the video below, that is exactly what we could see. Subscribe to more videos:

After Massive Uprising, City Council Members Look to Entirely Disband Minneapolis PD

After a massive uprising in Minneapolis, Minnesota that subsequently spread to nearly every state in the country, the significant change appears to be on the horizon. Several city council members in Minneapolis are reportedly in talks to disband the Minneapolis Police Department. This would be a revolutionary move to affect positive change and allow the city to start over with a police force designed around public safety instead of predation and extortion. Subscribe to more videos:

Grandma Shot Between the Eyes by Police Rubber Bullet While Peacefully Protesting

According to the family of Leslie Furcron, she just buried her son in February after he was killed by police for running from them. They say cops approached him with guns drawn, scaring him, so he ran. Unfortunately, they would kill him over this. Illustrating the level of suffering faced by so many communities across the country, as Furcron peacefully marched to protest the death of her son and police brutality in general, she was shot between her eyes by a cop firing a rubber bullet. Subscribe to more videos:

Another Protest Sparked As Video Shows Cops Beating a Woman for Filming

Protests are quite literally popping up from coast to coast over multiple instances of police brutality and the subsequent lack of charges faced by the aggressors. While the case of George Floyd is getting the attention it deserves, protests in other parts of the country are still happening in spite of the lack of media coverage. Subscribe to more videos:

MASSIVE Protests across the US!!!!

MASSIVE Protests across the US!!!! Subscribe to more videos: