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Teen says harassing them is racist to them, cops say, "Yes, and I'm proud of it."

 Minnesota Police Officer Rod Webber was caught on camera in March 2015, threatening 17-year-old Hamza Jelani. The threats resulted in serious bodily harm - breaking the teenager's leg. The video went viral after we reported on it five years ago. However, the police had more video of the incident which was obviously even worse but they chose to keep it secret all this time. Thanks for the FOI request through the local news outlet, we will now see the true scope of the problem. Earlier this month, the Sahan Journal got the whole video, which is full of the racist tirades, and Pitte, a 24-year-old intimidator from the Minneapolis Police Department, resented Roderick Weber for doing the same to his fellow officers - who did nothing. Although Weber would be fired later, a fierce battle ensued between the department and the union he defended, but he did not face a slap in the face from another cop who forgave the officer's actions. Now, new calls are coming in to investigate systemi