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Cop Opens Fire from Inside Unmarked Car, Executes Unarmed Kneeling Man

Simply two days after the president's name for public executions, a Vallejo, California police officer carried one out. He turned into unarmed and on his knees while the nevertheless-unidentified officer opened hearth thru the windshield of his police cruiser and murdered him - execution-fashion - with a bullet to the again of his head. Monterrosa becomes shot at some point of what the branch is now calling a half to kneel saying, "He was stuck inside the back of the head.". As the video indicates, the officer rolls up at the scene and he's so scared that he would not even attempt to get out of the car before he starts capturing. An officer recommended that Monterrosa became fleeing, saying: "He ran, he ran!" as though that justifies the execution.

10 Cops Do Nothing as Officer Calls Woman a ‘F****g C**t’, Assaults Her for Legally Filming

At the point when Salim saw almost twelve cops start to encompass a man outside a 7/11 on Sunday, she chose to rehearse her first alteration option to film the police. As the video demonstrates, Salim is far enough away not to be viewed as a danger and isn't talking or saying anything to the officials who have an unarmed man totally encompassed. Michael DeLong approached Salim and got in her face. The official, who is unmistakably bigger, wearing a slug confirmation vest, conveying a weapon, and encompassed by 10 of his individual cops, singled out this young lady in what must be called a demonstration of terrorizing and harassing.  Be that as it may, Salim would not be tormented. "We have cameras, too, " DeLong says as he approaches undermine and threaten Salim. "Would you be able to escape from me?" Salim says. The expression "move me" here is an unmistakable endeavor to incite Salim.  Rather than playing the domineering jerk's down,

Dept Accused of ‘Faking’ Thank You Cards to Themselves Amid Rash of Police Brutality

In the past several weeks, the Austin police department has been captured on  video murdering an  unarmed man,  shooting a child in the head  with a rubber bullet, shooting an innocent student in the head with a projectile, and  firing on the citizens attempting  to render aid to that student. These acts of police violence have all gone unpunished. Tensions, as one might expect, are high between the community and their police force. According to the Austin police department, however, there is an outpouring of support in the form of “Thank you” cards. But the Twitter-verse has found that something smells fishy. On Saturday, the Austin police department took to Twitter to essentially put out a piece of propaganda to claim how much their community loves them. A black and a white officer were conveniently chosen to be photographed reading from a pile of thank you cards. “We can’t express enough how grateful we are to serve you, Austin,” the APD account tweeted on Saturday. “Our of