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Cop Drives Twice Legal Limit, Kills Man, Covers It Up And Is NOT Charged-He's In With The Prosecutor

  Policeman  Jakob Streyle was traveling at roughly twice the  regulation  when he crashed into an elderly man's SUV at an intersection in July of 2019. Steven Gene Santini, 72, was killed  within the  crash, and he was ultimately blamed for the incident  also  - despite clear and overwhelming evidence against the officer. Now, after the state  did not  hold officer Streyle accountable, the taxpayers were held liable instead - to the tune of $1.8 million. According to court documents, Santini's wife,  the town  of Fairmont,  and therefore the  two officers involved  within the  crash reached a $1.8 million settlement. As TFTP reported at the time, officer Streyle insisted that Santini  skilled  the stop sign  no end  and was eventually  ready to  gather  a minimum of  one witness who would confirm his side of the story, but  within the  lawsuit, Santini's wife says that police  didn't  take statements from two  people that  were traveling directly behind him. The police