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Cops Accuse Man of Stealing His Own Car, Break His Arm, Nearly ‘Kill Him Like George Floyd’

  "It's a George Floyd-type scenario." After his run-in with Miami-Dade police, Keeler Harris is lucky to be alive. He was handcuffed and face down on the ground and cops still put a knee in his back as he muttered those often tragically fatal words, "I can't breathe." Harris, like so many people on which TFTP has reported, was accused of stealing his own car. He had not actually stolen the car, but when police approached him, he feared for his life - which was apparently justified - and then took off running. When police caught up to him, Harris was taken to the ground as an officer begins punching him over and over as they handcuff him. "I can't breathe. My face is in the dirt," Harris is heard saying as the officer repeats, "Do not get up." Harris wasn't attempting to get up, he wasn't even moving at some points. "He got handcuffed. He was face down in the grass against the fence," says attorney Sebastian Ohanian.