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Cops Accuse Man of Stealing His Own Car, Break His Arm, Nearly ‘Kill Him Like George Floyd’

"It's a George Floyd-type scenario."

After his run-in with Miami-Dade police, Keeler Harris is lucky to be alive.

He was handcuffed and face down on the ground and cops still put a knee in his back as he muttered those often tragically fatal words, "I can't breathe."

Harris, like so many people on which TFTP has reported, was accused of stealing his own car.

He had not actually stolen the car, but when police approached him, he feared for his life - which was apparently justified - and then took off running.

When police caught up to him, Harris was taken to the ground as an officer begins punching him over and over as they handcuff him.

"I can't breathe. My face is in the dirt," Harris is heard saying as the officer repeats, "Do not get up."

Harris wasn't attempting to get up, he wasn't even moving at some points.

"He got handcuffed. He was face down in the grass against the fence," says attorney Sebastian Ohanian.

Another officer walked up and knelt down, putting his weight on top of Harris.

"He puts his knee on Keeler's neck, choking him," Ohanian said.

"No matter what had happened before, the actions at this point in time were not justified at all," Ohanian said.

Ohanian explained that the situation was nearly fatal for Harris and resembled the last moments of George Floyd's life as cops squeezed the breath out of him.

"He's handcuffed. He's not moving at all. It's a very sad video when you watch it. It's emotional." Ohanian says police used excessive force.

"It's a George Floyd-type scenario," he said.

While police were on his back, and because Harris had his arms handcuffed behind his body, the cop's knee snapped Harris' arm in two.

"It's shocking that someone could treat another human being in such a callous manner," Ohanian said.

Ohanian says the knee to Harris' back caused several injuries, including a broken arm.

"During this, he manages to break Mr. Harris' arm," he said.

Despite not having committed a crime before police approached him, because he ran, Harris was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest.

He is scheduled to go to trial next month on the 29th. "There is not one point in the video where Mr. Harris hits anyone," Ohanian said.

Miami-Dade Police released a statement saying, "The department has not received an official complaint. Professional compliance bureau is reviewing the incident."

Earlier this month, TFTP reported on a similar incident in which police accused an innocent family of stealing their own car.

Police were looking for a stolen motorcycle when they stopped on innocent family in an SUV. Brittany Gilliam was parked in a nail salon parking lot over the weekend and was looking on her phone to find another one since this one was closed.

As she scrolled down her phone, Gilliam and her family quickly found themselves surrounded by cops who ordered them out of the car at gunpoint.

Aurora cops accused Gilliam and all of the children in the car of stealing that car.

There had been no theft and it was police negligence that led to small children being held at gunpoint and forced to the ground.

In Anambra, three people were killed as they clashed with the police.

  Over the weekend, the situation in the Aguleri village, which is located in the Anambra East Local Government Area of the state of Anambra...