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Disturbing Video Shows Cop Forcing K-9 to Maul Pinned-Down Man

A demanding video was once shared with this week displaying a site visitors give up for a suspected DUI quit with a police officer forcing his K-9 to maul a man as quite a few human beings held him down. The trooper first noticed Zaragoza riding a crimson GMC Sierra east on U.S. Highway 12, partly crossing the lane three times, in accordance with a likely purpose affidavit. Zaragoza then "Suddenly" stopped his vehicle, the affidavit said, he bought out and refused the trooper's orders to get on the ground. As he walked to the store, Zaragoza was once wrestled to the ground via the trooper, and a bystander assisted the trooper in keeping him down till backup arrived. During the war on the ground, Zaragoza refused to put his hands at the back of his back, the affidavit said, and a Yakima police officer introduced in a police canine who bit Zaragoza's leg till his fingers had been cuffed, the affidavit said. According to Sanchez,

Cop Hired In Spite of Criminal History, Bashes Autistic Man’s Head In With Baton

The casualty has not been distinguished as he is allegedly medically introverted and news and police are ensuring his personality. The occurrence occurred in January, yet is just barely now becoming visible as the division decided to keep the body camera video escaped the open eye for almost a half year. As indicated by police, they were endeavoring to capture a furnished burglary suspect, who ended up being the 23-year-old medically introverted man. On January sixteenth of 2020, Westland Cops reacted to Arby's on the report of an equipped theft.  Reacting Officials found the suspect over the road. The suspect fled by walking from the officials and effectively opposed captured. Officials endeavored to convey a Taser on the presume which was ineffectual. It ought to be noticed that there were different officials engaged with the capture and every one of them demonstrated restriction in the fear of this suspect.  To be sure, different officials showed limitations and attemp

Drunk Cop Apparently Thinks It’s OK to Pull Over on Interstate to Receive Oral Sex

With respect to police accountability, the real question is whether or not police officers should be held to a higher standard of accountability than the rest of us. In reality, from what we’ve reported over the years, cops get away with criminal activity like no other segment of society and are held to a far lower standard—even when betraying the very people they allegedly serve. We will be watching closely to determine if the following DUI arrest ends in the exoneration of an accused cop or prosecution under the law for what would cost the average citizen thousands of dollars and days in jail.