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Viral ‘Basketball Cop’ Caught Beating Young Man Over Bicycle Infraction

Officer Bobby White became  an online  sensation in 2016 - up to and including being memed by Police the Police - for  exposure  to a 911 call  a few  noisy  basketball  and selecting  compassion over escalation. In 2016, officer White  skilled  an event  after a neighbor called 911 to report kids playing basketball. When White showed up, he noticed there was no reason for him to be there and  rather than  writing tickets, stopping and frisking, or beating and arresting  the youngsters  , White asked if he could play ball. "Can  you think  that somebody  called complaining  that youngsters  are playing basketball  within the  street?" Mr. White asks  within the  video recorded on his dashboard camera. "But I ain't got no problems with it." With his dashcam rolling  the whole  time, White's community policing was recorded  then  uploaded by the  local department  afterward. This cop went viral for all  the proper  reasons  and therefore the  "Basketball