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Cops Raid an Innocent Man, Execute Him While He Sleeps on the Sofa, and Walk Away Unpunished

Minneapolis announced in November 2020 that it would be limiting the use of no-knock warrants by imposing severe limitations on their usage. No-knock warrants are only authorised under those standards in high-risk situations, such as a hostage scenario. "With the exception of exceptional situations, such as a hostage scenario, MPD officers will be obliged to declare their presence and intent prior to entering," the agency wrote in a news statement. Police did declare themselves on the next occasion, but only after breaking into a man's flat – without knocking. Amir Locke was inside the flat — and he was not the guy sought by police. The raid demonstrated to America that police had no intention of putting an end to this lethal behaviour. And now, the policemen involved have been cleared of charges, demonstrating to America that cops may murder innocent individuals during these raids without facing repercussions. Prosecutors said this week that they will not pursue charges