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Unmarked Feds Surround Food Truck, Smash Windows, Drag People From Car After Buying Gas

For the past month, the Department of  Homeland Security  and other federal  enforcement  agencies  are  sending agents  bent  protests  in several  cities across the US,  and that they  are having some highly questionable interactions with  the general public  . The tactics  of those  agents were first noticed in mid-July after federal police in unmarked vehicles were seen grabbing protesters off the streets without cause, sometimes miles  faraway from  where demonstrations were occurring. During  the foremost  recent protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, federal police were  once more  seen targeting alleged activists. In one case, federal agents were recorded attacking an activist group in broad daylight because they were filling up their food truck and  a couple of  generators up with gas. As soon  because the  group pulled out of the  gasoline station  their vehicles were surrounded by police in unmarked cars who immediately rushed out and pointed their guns at the activists. One of the