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‘I Ran for My Life’ — Cops Intentionally Run Over ‘Fellow Officer’ For Running during a Field

In August, Lionel Womack, 35, retired from his job as a Kansas City  policeman   to begin  his own business  in camera  security. On his way back to Kansas from a conference in California, however, all those aspirations came to a screeching halt when he was targeted by Kiowa County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremy Rodriguez who intentionally drove over him just days after he left the  department of local government . Womack was shirtless and unarmed when Rodriguez plowed him down  along with his  police  motortruck . On  Assumption , 2020, Womack was headed back home from a conference in California when a Kansas Highway Patrol officer in western Kansas initiated a traffic stop over “an alleged traffic violation,”  per  a lawsuit filed by Womack this month. In an interview  in the week , Womack said that  there have been   such a lot of  cop cars surrounding him  and since  he said he had committed no crime, the sheer number of cops made him scared, so he ran. “When  the primary  officer turned