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Get Your Ass Out Here BOY!' Cops Rip Innocent Black Man From His Home, Literally Break His Face

Andre Howton, fifty four, has no criminal file and in fact idea the police had been there to protect him while he referred to as them for assist on that fateful January night time lower back in 2019.

Howton quickly discovered that "assist" became the closing aspect he would get from two Westover cops who pulled him from his domestic and beat him so badly that he suffered more than one breaks in his face, as well as having 3 enamel knocked out.

The incident opened up on Jan. 1, 2019 when Howton referred to as police due to the fact a girl changed into refusing to go away his home.

Westover police officers Zachary Fecsko and Aaron Dalton have been the responding officers.

Howton without a doubt asked that the officers get rid of the lady from his domestic - which they did.

This habitual call speedy escalated while the officials set their sites on Howton.

"while you study that video digital camera, the frame cam, you can see quite virtually what passed off. He [Fecsko] pulled him out and started out hitting him without delay," said Howton's lawyer Beth Lebow.

As the officials loaded the woman into the police cruiser, Howton yelled at her, calling her a "Crackhead" and different obscenities.

This is not illegal Fecsko took issue with the man over it.

Fecsko shouted again at Howton to "Get in your house and close up," and "Come out of doors and begin yelling," and "i will be backpedal right here this night in case you come outdoor once more."

When Howton yelled "Crackhead" Fecsko misplaced it and turned around to release his anger on the innocent fifty four-yr-antique man who became standing in his own doorway.

"It looks as if a transfer become simply flipped in the officers," Lebow described in an interview with WAJR's communicate of the town.

Fecsko then grabbed Howton through his collar while shouting "Get your ass out right here boy!" before throwing him to the ground.

Fecsko starts offevolved punching Howton repeatedly in his face, dropping fist after fist into the person's head and face.

Whilst watching his companion beat an harmless man, officer Dalton starts offevolved shouting at Fecsko to to "Spray that motherf**ker! Spray him! Spray the motherf**ker!".

As soon as Fecsko's savage attack came to an stop, he then blamed it on Howton.

Despite his accidents, police refused to bring him to the health center, bringing him to jail alternatively. When they attempted to book him into the prison, he was too injured and, in line with the lawsuit, the prison turned him away.

Alternatively, the lawsuit claims Officer Fecsko took Howton lower back to his condo and dropped him off.

Howton's daughter, after no longer listening to from her father for numerous days, then went to his home and observed her father badly injured and unable to bear in mind what happened to him.

Days later, Howton reveals out that he's been charged with 4 counts: disorderly conduct, demanding the peace, obstruction and battery on an officer under Westover town Code.

For almost a year, the expenses hung over this innocent guy's head as he stared down the possibility of several years at the back of bars for crimes he did now not commit.

Highlighting the seriously dysfunctional vetting process within the Westover police branch is the reality that both of these law enforcement officials have tainted or even criminal pasts, however remain on the force.

Prior to running for the Westover Police department, Fecsko changed into charged with domestic battery and housebreaking after in 2015.

Fecsko additionally allegedly had a physical altercation with the lady and threatened her.

Dalton formerly labored for the Fairmont town Police branch before signing on with Westover.

The sufferers were wrestled to the ground, punched in the face, tased, kicked, overwhelmed and sprayed within the face with mace.

This is the hassle with policing in the united states.

How man different innocent lives have been ruined by means of these  cops? And this is just one department in one small metropolis in West Virginia.

In Anambra, three people were killed as they clashed with the police.

  Over the weekend, the situation in the Aguleri village, which is located in the Anambra East Local Government Area of the state of Anambra...