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Governor forced to backtrack as residents arise to Threats of Arrest Over masks Order

Across  the globe , governments are using their only tool — which is force, or the threat of —  during a  futile  try to  fight COVID-19. Because  the govt.   doesn't  act on logic and reason and instead makes  innate reflex  reactionary measures  that nearly  always end in loss of freedom, the citizens are growing weary of their actions. As a result, massive insurrection and protests are  going down  across  the earth  in response to the arbitrary and tyrannical lockdown measures  parceled out  by governments who claim  to guard  your freedom. Denmark recently made headlines for its resistance to the tyranny mentioned above. In Denmark, the national government reportedly proposed  a replacement  epidemic law  including   the correct  to conduct forced physical exams, mandate isolation and allows police-directed physically coerced vaccination. Naturally, the people resisted,  and since  of this resistance, the proposal was dropped. DENMARK: GOOD NEWS! After 9 days of banging pots &

Multiple Experts, Including Nobel Laureate, Claim Lockdown is More Dangerous Than COVID-19

When multiple experts from  round the  world, including a  Nobel prize  winning biophysicist and two of  the foremost  highly cited  and revered  scientists alive,  continue  record stating that these lockdowns could  convince  be more dangerous and deadly than the COVID-19 virus itself,  it is time  for us to respectfully listen. For many of you reading this, these claims  could seem  absurd  or maybe  ridiculous - which is more  a mirrored image  of the limited narrative provided to us by the media than actual reality itself - but please try  to not  be dismissive, and remember that these are  alright  respected scientists and researchers, all of which  aren't  only very  intimate  this particular topic but have obviously earned  the proper  to precise  their views without the unprofessional imposition of censorship silencing them. Among this list of  status  figures, includes the likes of Professor Michael Levitt, winner of the 2013  Nobel prize  in chemistry; Professor Yoram La